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Selecting the Right Medical Billing Software for Your Practice can be a Major Challenge. A Quick Google Search for “medical billing software” Generates 10 600 for South African Web Results, With Several Companies Offering a Variety of Different Options. Choosing the Right One for Your Practice is no Trivial Task. Here are Some of the Key Factors That Make Medinol the Best Fit for Your Practice…



Easy to Use

You want a system that won’t take weeks to implement and won’t frustrate your staff. Medinol is easy to install, easy to learn and dead simple to run. Written in plain simple SA medical language it is easily understood by most staff working in today’s medical practice. It ships on a CD Rom and installation is as easy as inserting the CD, firing up the installation wizard, answering a few questions and clicking Proceed till you get to the end. Our screens are character based (DOS) – some may say old-fashioned – but it does mean that data capturing is fast and free from Click-o-rhea. Component modules: Patient registration, Invoicing, EDI Submissions, Payments are explained in a friendly user guide and online videos. And help from a live human being is never more than a call away.

Easy to Find Information

Busy doctors and practice managers don’t need complicated systems that make it difficult for them to track the practice’s financial health. Medinol provides easy access to important details like Electronic claims, Daily Record of Treatment, Payment reports, Financial Summary, Treatment Statistics from straightforward pull-down menus that simplifies tasks for the dentist and administrative staff. Data management is provided for Patient/Members, Medical Aids, Treatment Items, Diagnosis ICD10 Codes together with meaningful displays that makes information on the system very easy to access when dealing with queries.


We all know what the costs of medical treatment are these days. And in terms of the income looked after by Medinol Practice Management software in a typical medical practice, the investment is very, very affordable. a) Initial outlay: R7500 reduced to R6495, b) Annual license fee: currently R1180 payable after first year only, c) EDI fee: .9 to 1.1% of claim value – agreement dependent on EDI company. For a new practice starting out, we do offer 3 month payment terms to Medinol virtually pays for itself!

Technical Requirements

Being DOS based, Medinol Practice Management Software runs on any Pentium class computer from Windows XP to Windows 7 (all except Windows 7 64-bit). You will need a CD ROM/DVD drive, printer, and a broad-band Internet connection. The database is based on industry standard .DBF so accessing the data externally is easy via Microsoft Excel or Access. Medinol does not run on MAC, IPAD, Android device or Linux. Medinol is fully multi-user network compatible and therefore suites all types of practices: big and small.


How secure is your data? Medinol Practice Management Software offers user profile based password security. In addition we have facilities to backup to external devices such as flash drives and optical (CD/DVD) media. Our database is robust, and should you experience a power outage, only the current data entry screen would be lost.



Training and Support

We believe in providing training and support to you and your staff to remain productive at all costs. Medinol Practice Management Software has been in operation since 1984, and we have a wealth of experience in dealing with the medical aids and patient/members. Telephonic training and support is offered free-of-charge. With remote support we are able to offer a rapid response country-wide. What happens when you’ve ended the initial training period and you hire new staff? With Medinol you get a system that offers a full selection of online training as well as multiple e-mail and phone support options.

How to Get Started

A few quick and easy steps…

  1. Ensure that your practice is HPCSA and BHF registration numbers are valid
  2. Ensure that your computer equipment has the correct technical specifications
  3. Download a. Medinol Order Form and b. Mediswitch Registration Form
    Print these, Fill them out, then fax back to us on 0865 141 535
  4. We will then contact you to arrange for installation, training and commissioning
  5. You or a staff member run the system “live” – usually within 24-hours!


With the help of Medinol we will dispel all myths of billing, claiming and revenue cycle optimization in the modern day specialist practice.

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Contact: Fudley Bezuidenhout Pr.Eng.

(021)906-2296  or  082-688-9610


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