MEDINOL for Nursing Practitioners

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Selecting the Right Nursing Practitioner Billing Software for Your Practice can be a Major Challenge. A Quick Google Search for “nursing billing software” Generates over 100 000 for South African Web Results, With Several Companies Offering a Variety of Different Options. Choosing the Right One for Your Practice is no Trivial Task. Here are Some of the Key Factors That Make Medinol the Best Fit for Your Practice…

Access to Information

Enjoy fingertip access to patient demographics, medical aid details, ICD-10 codes, NAPPI codes, drug lists and account statuses.

Practitioner Support

Have more time to spend with your patients as you get major relief from the burden of managing the business side of your practice.

Dispensary Facilitation

Dispense medicines with ease by having full control over formulary adherence, dispensing markup and schedule management.

Meaningful Insight

Insightful reports are but a keypress away. This makes managing your practice easy since decisions can be made on real, accurate data.

Unlimited Growth

Grow your practice to its full potential. Medinol stays relevant no matter what size your practice becomes. No restrictions at all on your data capacity.

Save Time

Numerous time-saving features are baked right in. From rapid-fire data capturing to fast reporting, Medinol frees up your time so that you can focus on your patients.


Medinol is a software system that is installed and run on your practice computer, where it operates securely within your full control. It works in conjunction with EDI software so that claims can be submitted electronically to the Medical Schemes. It produces fully compliant electronic or paper medical claims that conforms to all statutory requirements. It does so by enabling you to capture patient demographics, record encounter details, submit medical claims, handle credit control and manage the revenue cycle.


For data capturing of patient encounters speed is of the essence. By eliminating wasted keystrokes we can make every second count. Getting up to speed on Medinol you will clock in an average 30s per medical bill. This frees more than enough time for thorough review.


In order to get paid you need to be able to present your claims to a number of parties in a variety of manners: medical schemes, patients, insurance companies, employers, and sick funds. Medinol opens all these channels to you, so that you’re able to submit securely using EDI, paper or email.



An effective RCM like Medinol reduces the amount of time between providing a service and receiving payment for the service that was rendered. It cuts down on rejected claims by ensuring that the correct info is captured. It saves time by automating tedious, repetitive admin functions.