The fastest & easiest billing and claims software for SA Dentists

Medinol for Dentists is desktop software that gives you the power and unprecedented flexibility to generate income fast.


Quick and Easy Dental Billing



Patient registration

Member details
surname, initials, title, full address, telephone, employer, ID number, gender
Medical Aid Details
name, membership number
Dependent details
first name, dependent number, date of birth, gender, authorisation number.

Create invoice

This is the facility we use to record details of the patient encounter for billing and claims purposes.
Invoice capturing data
member code (unique id), visit date, dependent, ICD-10 code (diagnosis), consultation tariff code, procedure tariff code, dispensing medicine and materials

Submit claims

The captured invoices destined for medical aids are now batched together by visit date, comprising the claims we send through electronically via EDI.
Cariers we use
  • Mediswitch
  • Datamax
  • Healthbridge

Payments and history

Medical aids will pay out claims within 7 to 10 working days. You will receive a remittance advice depicting details of the payment. Capture and mark off these payments on the Medinol payments facility.
Invoice, invoice details and payments remain recorded on the system, and are accessible via the History: current or archives.


  • Unlimited data storage
  • Onsite data security
  • Installation & training included
  • Unlimited FREE support
  • No hidden costs
  • Skinny PC requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Medinol cost?

We all know what dental treatment costs these days. And in terms of the income looked after by Medinol Practice Management software in a typical dental practice, the investment is very, very affordable. a) Initial outlay: R7500 reduced to R6395, b) Annual license fee: currently R1830 payable after first year only, c) EDI fee: .8 to 1.1% of claim value – agreement dependent on EDI company. For a new practice starting out, we do offer 3 month payment terms to Medinol virtually pays for itself!

Which EDI provider should I use?

We submit electronic claims (EDI) through MediSwitch (biggest and most reliable), Datamax (cheapest and stable) or Healthbridge (costs more but has added features).

Does the license include more than one location/practice number?

Medinol is licensed per practitioner, i.e. one license per practice number. Your license includes unlimited locations (clinic) and multi-devices.

How long does training take?

Generally speaking we spend four telephonic training sessions bringing a brand new user up to full competence. These sessions are spread over two months, to include month-end and payment training.

How long till I can start claiming?

How about immediately! Medinol is supplied with a starter data set allowing you to start billing and claiming from day one. If the data to be captured is at hand, we are able to use the first training session as a live run.

Is support included?

We believe in providing training and support to you and your staff to remain productive at all costs. Medinol Practice Management Software has been in operation since 1984, and we have a wealth of experience in dealing with the medical aids and patient/members. Telephonic training and support is offered free-of-charge. With remote support we are able to offer a rapid response country-wide. What happens when you’ve ended the initial training period and you hire new staff? With Medinol you get a system that offers a full selection of online training as well as multiple e-mail and phone support options.

What about annual tariff adjustments?

We supply these on an annual basis, preferably as close as possible to 2rd January. There is a nominal charge for either getting the tariff updates to you, or otherwise (preferred) actually doing it for you via remote support. One addtional way we go about reducing your dental billing and claim headaches.

What do I need to get started?

Get started in a few quick and easy steps.
Ensure that your practice is HPCSA and BHF registration numbers are valid.
Ensure that your computer equipment has the correct technical specifications.
Download a. Medinol Order Form and b. Mediswitch Registration Form.
Print these, Fill them out, then fax back to us on 0865 141 535.
We will then contact you to arrange for installation, training and commissioning.
You or a staff member run the system “live” – usually within 24-hours!
With the help of Medinol we will dispel all myths of billing, claiming and revenue cycle optimization in the modern day dental practice.


Medinol for Dentists

We've created, developed and supported Medinol since 1984. Our goal has consistently been to financially empower the private dentist in South Africa. Medinol is extremely robust, with a strong secure database capable of withstanding extreme conditions in underserved areas. It's flexibility in accomodating all kinds of patients, is legendary.

Medinol for Dentists

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