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Why Are So Many Successful Medical Practitioners Using Medinol?

Many successful medical practitioners realise that Medinol is a powerful, flexible and no-brainer alternative to expensive, restrictive practice management software that charge high monthly fees …

Here are a few more…


You’re in FULL Control

Unlimited Usage

Full Stats &  Reporting

Low Running Costs

All aspects: tariffs and pricing, medical schemes, ICD codes, etc.Whether you’re treating one patient or 1,000 patients a day… you are unrestricted. Single or multiuser.Track your success, progress, opens, clicks and everything you need to with just a click of a mouse…An affordable annual license fee is all you pay to secure world-class backup and support. No monthly fees!


Why Get Penalized for Your Own Success?

Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you realize the more successful your medical practice, the more you have to battle others that want a slice of the proceeds. They all seem to want a piece of the pie, whether it’s their due or not.

Well, we all hate restrictions, jumping through hoops to meet the requirements of others and how they curtail our freedom and run our businesses/practices… It’s like we have a host of uninvited guests at the dinner table who contribute nothing and yet want to partake in the spoils.

Well, that’s why we built Medinol Practice Management Software for you. Now, you finally have a choice on how you run your practice and you are the one in control of every step.


Medinol Has Loads of Powerful Features!


You want a system that won’t take weeks to implement and won’t frustrate your staff. Medinol is easy to learn and dead simple to run. Written in plain simple SA medical language it is easily understood by most surgery staff. Our screens are character based (DOS) – some may say old-fashioned – but it does mean that data capturing is fast and Click-o-rhea free. And help from a live human being is never more than a call away.

Lightweight Tech Hardware

Being DOS based, Medinol Practice Management Software runs on any Pentium class computer from Windows XP to Windows 8 (all excepting Windows 64-bit). You will need a CD ROM/DVD drive, printer, and a broadband Internet connection. The database is based on industry standard .DBF so accessing the data externally is easy via Microsoft Excel or Access. Medinol does not run on MAC, IPAD, Android device or Linux.



 Quick Access to Information

Busy doctors and practice managers don’t need complicated systems that make it difficult for them to track the practice’s financial health. Medinol provides easy access to Electronic claims, Daily Record, Payment Reports, Financial Summary, Treatment Statistics from pull-down menus that simplifies tasks. Patient/Members, Medical Aids, Treatment Items, Diagnosis ICD10 Codes easily accessed.





That’s Cool…. But What Else Can Medinol Do?

We’ve packed a lot of very high-powered features in Medinol that you would expect from a practice management system, but we have just scratched the surface… Here’s a few more amazing features…

Built-in Dispensing

Drugs and Injections: NAPPI codes, schedules, Single-Exit Pricing, Automatic Markup Calculation, Print Online Invoice, Accept Payment.



User Restriction

Protect  confidentiality. Different users/Differing passwords. Restricts who can perform which function. Prevents roving eyes from prying.


Unlimited Archives

Retain and inquire full patient history. Date of consultation, diagnosis, dependent, consultation and procedure codes, drugs issued.


Cash Patients

Medinol can be operated as a POS system. Line-by-line items. Bill in presence of patient. Accept payment. Print immediate invoices. Fully compliant.



What About Training and Support?

This question has 2 issues at its root. The first being: How long will it take for your practice to productively start billing and claiming? The second is: should you experience a change of staff how can we help the incumbent become productive as quickly as possible.

Medinol has been used for billing and claiming since 1984, and thus offers a wealth of experience and guidance in dealing with patients and medical schemes. Telephonic training and support is offered free-of-charge. With remote support we are able to offer a rapid response country-wide.

What happens when you’ve ended the initial training period and you hire new staff? With Medinol you get a system that offers a full selection of online training as well as multiple e-mail and phone support options.


Exactly What and How Much Are The Running Costs?

We’re all aware of just how much the costs of non-state medical treatment are these days. And in compared to the income looked after by Medinol Practice Management software in a typical medical practice, the investment is very, very affordable.

a) Initial outlay: was R7600, reduced to just R6395

b) Annual license fee: currently R1495 payable after first year only

c) EDI fee: .9 to 1.1% of claim value – agreement dependent on EDI company.

For a new practice starting out, we do offer 3 month payment terms – which means as far as we know, Medinol is the only practice management software that virtually pays for itself out of the cashflow it generates for you!


I’ve Seen Enough. I’m Ready to Get Started. How?

It’s easy using Medinol to help dispel the prevailing myths of billing, claiming and revenue cycle optimisation in todays modern medical practice.

Get started today with the following quick and easy steps…

1. Ensure that your practice is HPCSA and BHF registration numbers are valid

2. Ensure that your computer equipment has the correct technical specifications

3. Click on the Get Started Right Now! button below and follow the steps

4. We will then contact you to arrange for delivery installation, training and commissioning

5. You or a staff member run the system “live” – usually within 24-hours!