Discovery Dental Tariffs 2018

DH Dental Tariffs 2018



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Health practitioners’ fees in South Africa are currently not regulated. The Health Professions Council believes the lack of tariff guidelines adds to spiralling healthcare costs. The council regularly receives complaints from patients who claim they have been overcharged.

And yet doctors’ and dentists’ associations have accused the Health Professions Council and the health minister of suppressing the already low tariff guidelines. There are no official guidelines other than what medical schemes are prepared to pay. Medical aids, even different plan options within the same scheme, all have different rates.

Discovery Health is one of the biggest medical schemes by far. And therefore their rates are the most widely applicable.


We also have available to 2018 Discovery Dental Technicians tariffs adjusted for the 15% VAT increase. See link below.


Get the full List ==>> Discovery Dental Tariffs 2019 list, click here



Here is a small, older sampler of Discovery Dental Tariffs 2018:

Procedure CodeProcedure DescriptionFee
8091Medicine used during a dental visit
8092Admin fee (direct material)
8093Dentist administration of Dental Technician’s account
8099Dental laboratory service
8101Oral examination224.50
8102Comprehensive oral examination336.90
8104Limited oral examination108.80
8106Special report214.10
8107Intraoral radiograph – periapical97.30
8108Intraoral radiographs – complete series653.70
8109Infection control/barrier techniques21.60
8110Sterilized instrumentation48.40
8111Dental testimony
8112Intraoral radiograph – bitewing97.30
8113Intraoral radiograph – occlusal145.50
8114Extraoral radiograph – hand-wrist337.60
8115Extraoral radiograph – panoramic337.60
8116Extraoral radiograph – cephalometric337.60
8117Diagnostic models90.50
8118Extraoral radiograph – skull/facial bone337.60
8119Diagnostic models mounted228.00
8120Treatment plan completed
8121Oral and/or facial image (digital/conventional)90.50
8122Microbiological studies0.00
8123Caries susceptibility tests (By Arrangement)0.00
8124Pulp tests24.90
8129Office/hospital visit  after regularly scheduled hours314.10
8131Emergency dental treatment128.00
8132Pulp removal (pulpectomy)241.20
8133Recement inlay, onlay, crown or veneer128.00
8135Remove inlay, onlay or crown255.00
8136Access through a prosthetic crown or inlay to facilitate root canal treatment114.20
8137Emergency crown (chair-side)439.30
8138Remove retention post (prefabricated or cast)167.30
8139Appointment not kept /30min0.00
8140House/extended care facility/hospital call208.00
8141Inhalation sedation – first 15 minutes or part thereof93.80
8143Inhalation sedation – each addnl 15 minutes48.60
8144Intravenous sedation56.20
8145Local anaesthetic – per visit87.70
8146Resin bonding for restorations0.00
8147Monitoring equipment for intravenous sedation200.00
8148Use of dental operating microscope
8149Nutritional counselling0.00
8150Tobacco counselling0.00
8151Oral hygiene instruction128.00
8153Oral hygiene instruction – each additional visit93.80
8155Polishing – complete dentition128.00
8157Re-burnishing and polishing of restorations – complete dentition128.00
8158Enamel microabrasion117.30
8159Prophylaxis – complete dentition251.80
8160Removal of gross calculus0.00
8161Topical application of fluoride – child128.00
8162Topical application of fluoride – adult128.00
8163Dental sealant84.60
8165Sedative filling128.00
8166Application of desensitising resin, per tooth84.60
8167Application of desensitising medicament, per visit98.50
8168Behavior management0.00
8169Occlusal guard492.20
8171Mouth guard0.00
8172Cost of orthotic appliance
8173Space maintainer – fixed, per abutment237.80
8175Space maintainer  – removable306.50
8176Periodontal screening175.50
8177Oral hygiene instruction (periodontally compromised patient)193.60
8178Oral hygiene instruction – each additional visit (periodontally compromised patient)104.70
8179Polishing – complete dentition (periodontally compromised patient)146.70
8180Prophylaxis – complete dentition (periodontally compromised patient)273.50
8183Therapeutic drug injection56.20
8189Re-examination – existing condition100.90
8190Consultation – second opinion or advice208.80
8192Suture – minor631.80
8197CBCT capture and interpretation with limited field of  view  of both dental arches without orbits and/or cranium
8198CBCT capture and interpretation for TMJ series including two or more exposures.
8201Extraction – tooth or exposed tooth roots (first per quadrant)147.30
8202Extraction – each additional tooth or exposed tooth roots59.70
8203Interpretation of diagnostic image by a practitioner not associated with capture of the image, including the report
8205CBCT  image capture with limited field of  view – less than one whole jaw
8206CBCT image capture with limited field of  view  of one full dental arch -mandible
8207CBCT image capture with limited field of view of one full dental arch – maxilla without orbits and/or cranium
8208CBCT capture with limited field of view of both dental arches – without orbits and/or cranium
8209CBCT capture for TMJ series including two or more exposures.
8213Surgical removal of residual roots, first tooth – per tooth553.70
8214Surgical removal of residual roots, second and subsequent teeth’s roots426.90
8220Cost of suture material
8231Complete dentures – maxillary and mandibular2066.70
8232Complete denture – maxillary or mandibular1274.20
8233Partial denture – resin base – one tooth592.40
8234Partial denture – resin base – two teeth592.40




Get the full List ==>> Discovery Dental Rates 2019, click here


Discovery Dental Tariffs 2018
Discovery Dental Tariffs 2018
Discovery Dental Tariffs 2018

Discovery Dental Tariffs 2018

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  1. phil stewart

    my Dentists account contains an item coded 8409 -what does this code include for?
    does it include the supply of the crown?

    I have paid the dental laboratory in full for the supply of the porcelain/ceramic crown.

    1. Post

      Code 8409 is the dentist’s professional fee for porcelain/ceramic crown. This is charged IN ADDITION to the lab’s fee.



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