dental tariffs

dental tariffs

dental tariffs



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dental tariffs

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The world of dentistry is complex, and constantly evolving. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what the future looks like.

Your time is precious – let’s get right to the point. You have a practice to run. Patients to see. Your time is much too scarce to waste on surfing the Internet, searching for an appropriate code and its associated 2018 price as it pertains to a particular medical aid.

Think about this: the medical aids earn interest on the vast sums of money they administer. So they have a vested interest in keeping you in the dark. It suits them in the pocket if you are charging them last year’s outdated prices.

If, as a Dental Professional you provide quality dental care, shouldn’t you be getting paid what your are rightfully entitled to?

Our 2018 DTP will help significantly improve your bottom line with better access to dental and laboratory tariffs, codes and operational guidelines.

Download the 2018 Dental Tariffs Pack to your desktop today.

With this comprehensive compilation of Fee Schedules you get instant convenient access to your Tariffs at the click of a mouse, without needing to be connected to the Internet at all.

What makes this slick and powerful is that, not only is all the billing info you need just a mouse-click away, but you will know upfront with certainty what each medical aid will pay you for each 2018 Tariff Code…24/7.

Dental practice managers all over have become aware of how downright useful the 2018 Dental Tariffs Pack is, once they’ve downloaded and put it to use.

You’ll wonder how, all this time, you’ve managed without it!

The only thing you might regret is that you didn’t get it sooner …

Discovery Dental Tariffs 2018 | Polmed Tariffs 2018 | GEMS 2018 Tariffs | DENIS Tariffs 2018 | MHG Tariffs 2018


2014 Dental Tariffs

dental tariffs rates prices 2018

69 PDF Documents Curated as Single Zip File (30MB). *=Individualised.

Works on PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, iPhone, SmartPhone, & Ebook Reader!

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Of course you can probably find all the files above by searching and sifting through the Internet yourself, logging into the various websites, navigating and downloading the correct versions, and then translating the file format into a usable one.

But if you have a practice to run and value your time doing what you are paid to do, then really… how much more free time do you have to waste “surfing”?

At only R179 … for less than the price of a decadent meal-for-two at your local Spur Restaurantgetting your 2018 Dental Tariffs Pack is a sound investment which will last you for the rest of 2018, so you can bill thousands of tariffs and prices with certainty.

Don’t get me wrong. I like eating at Spur as much as the next guy. But, see that meal in front of you – it will end up satisfying you only once. And the much-touted 2018 DTP? Now THAT can feed your dental practice or laboratory for a whole year!



  • A single ZIP file to be  open-able with Windows, WinZip or WinRAR
  • A total of 52 PDF documents open-able with Adobe Reader
  • Sourced directly from the medical aids
  • Open for on-screen lookup, or custom print popular usage list
  • Total 1000+ pages of reference data




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2014 Dental Tariffs

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2014 Dental Tariffs

dental tariffs

dental tariffs

dental tariffs

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